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ESCENES // Street art installation

Installation made into Music and Arts Spring Festival
in Costa Brava, in the town of Calella.
The installation is inspired by the great Spanish and Catalan 
artist from the last century, specially Miro. Taking the 
background of mediterranean typical coast town, using the 
white walls of the construction and House. as a big canvas 
where I design an specific site installation only for this event.
Using second hand objects, acrylic and sprai paint and 
sheet as a base for the paints.
All the symbols and icons I used are coming from 
inside- soul and inconsious.

ONADES FLORALS // Outdoors intervention

This spring I have participated in a Outdoors flowers 
Festival in Calella, a beautiful small town in Costa 
Brava in Catalonia.
It was about to decorate the walking way around 
the Hotel Sant Roc and the courtyard terrace.
I made an ephemeral instalation with a base
of big plane flowers lined with severals colour
ful prints.
The intention was to acompany the visitors to
the terrace pèrgola decoration.
The instalation starts with a big waves painted
with sprai, as a graffitti in the both sides of 
the narrow street. The waves converted to 
flowers in a sort of tunnel, made with textil
colours strips, all the way is decorate with big
flowers till we arrive to the garden Hotel, 
where we found the pèrgola, and the trees with
more flowers.
I create a colourful and elegant ambientation for
costumers and visitors to this beautiful old 
and familiar Hotel, that has the best views of
This time I had the nice pictures made by 
Ju Uroz, I want to thank for the colaboration.

BIN // street Intervention

I had the opportunity to participate in a street recycling
Art festival in Sant Cugat, near Barcelona.
10 artist work in a one day event, making and doing our
art in live, with a wrapping, packets allready used, 
I constructed and sculpture, the idea is that all the waste 
soap and others house packets where falling from a bin,
I use the contrast between the urban space and the colours
objects of the sculpture, all in plastic.
The Bin is hanged up in a pergola, making the visual
sensation of all the packets falling down, but without 
touch the urban floor.
The intention is to make surprise, and contrast, and humor
to the pedestrians and visitors.

MATRESS STORE // InteriorDesign


Some months ago I was commissioned to design a 
matress store in my town, the business was running
since 40 years ago, the owner wanted to change the
shop in a new area and space, bigger and with more
natural light. The shop is 180 square meters divided
in two floors.
the owner of the shop wanted to have a natural, and
warm space, where the costumers could see, try 
and feel the matress in a relax way.
I used natural stained pin wood for the furniture, where
are show the house clothing, using the only wall of 
the shop. Aswell, for the hanging sistem, I design all
of them with matt black iron structures, special for 
the place and for the products.
Hanging between the two shop floors with the stairs
sorrounding, about 7 meters high I made a special piece, 
where are hanging 3 lamps and white natural cotton 
cords where can be hang all sort of products, usually
Outside the store label, aswell follow the natural and
simple and warm athmosphere I wanted to created
inside. All the lighting is warm colour, and neutral, 
so all the house bedding and clothing hightlighted from
the shop case.
I'm satisfied with the result, the intentions and resolutions
and in the end the outcome design.

PTT work transition program // WORKSHOP


This current year I've been working in special program
for youth, I had the duty to introduce them to new
creative views, showing them how to use materials
and skills to open her and his brain to a more creative
I had the wonderfull chance to be with them while
they born and open themselve to the Our and Unique
Own Creativity, the window to the amazing world we
all have inside, ande we only have to take off.
I'm glad to share this experience, of one of the 7 months
workshop we been involved.

NEW.ART.AGE // Phase One

"New art style is coming Up, through the spaces in and

on us. 

We are somewhere in an extra planet full of colour dust.
The Signs and symbol are everywhere involving all of us.
4U O+>


In this window project I not only use the colour
contrast aswell it was important to use a material
We live in a world where we are consuming cheap
products made in Asia together with luxury products
made in Europe ateliers, where the handmade and the
quality are the higher point.
Therefore why not mixt all together, is possible to find 
the beauty in a window display, where the quality
products are together with the most cheap and lower
objects in this world.

DRAWings // open air atelier

Works made on a very old and worn piece of wood 
I found abandoned somewhere in my grandfather's
old atelier.The draws are made with pencil and black
pen, finished with a wall paint.